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Freitag, 28. Juli 2017


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A night of varied music, performed for you, by musicians from around the globe!

SHANE Ó FEARGHAIL (IRL) aus Dublin, Irland

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Shane Ó Fearghail is an Irish Singer Songwriter and multi-instrumentalist from Tallaght; a small suburb that sits neatly in the Dublin foothills. Shane writes strong songs delivering them with even stronger performances. Having released his critically acclaimed debut album The Watcher & The Comet under the title of Caruso, he signed a publishing deal for Europe. His second album – Everything You Need Is Here – took him a step further, securing licensing deals in North America and beyond; establishing him as a solid solo performer and consistent songwriter! Having been head-hunted by several major labels in the past, Shane continues to maintain his indie status. Currently camped in Vienna, Shane has just finished work on his eagerly awaited third studio album – THEY MIGHT SEE DOLPHINS which is set for a 2016 Summer release.

"Vienna-dwelling Tallaght (Dublin) native Shane Ó Fearghail has the kind of vocal style that has traditionally always paired magically with an acoustic guitar. It’s the kind of music that sweeps you up in its storytelling, takes you for a ride and drops you off miles from the nearest pay phone. Thing is, you don’t mind the walk back, humming the tune now stuck in your head." YouBloom - Dublin 2016

“Shane’s unique voice and superb songwriting serve to encapsulate and deliver an alternative philosophy. One that colourfully incorporates older traditions with a more modern twist.” –Jeff Burns – Sad Opera.

“Just listening to the new Shane Ó Fearghail album. Only one way to describe it, totally brilliant from start to finish. Congrats”. Jackie Hayden ~ Hot Press


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CLAUDIA HEIDEGGER (AUT) aus Innsbruck/Wien

Ängste, Träume, Hoffnung und Liebe - Geschichten vom Leben. Das sind die Themen in den Songs von Claudia Heidegger. 2011 ging die Sängerin, Musikerin, Liedermacherin und “Virtuosin der leisen Töne” nach London, um dort mit ihrer Musik Fuß zu fassen. Ihre Stimme erinnert an Mary Hopkin, ihre Songs an Joni Mitchell. Als große Einflüsse nennt sie auch Cat Stevens, Neil Young, und ihre klassische
Instrumentalausbildung am Mozarteum Salzburg. In der britischen Metropole absolvierte die junge Multiinstumentalistin erfolgreich den “Commercial Music” Studiengang an der University of Westminster, und konnte in zahlreichen Projekten, Konzerten und Kollaborationen ihren musikalischen Horizont ausloten. Highlights aus der Zeit in England beinhalten ein Konzert im Londoner “National History Museums”, Live Sessions im britischen Radio und Airplay auf BBC Radio6Music mit der ersten Solo-EP “The Other Side”.
Nach vier intensiven und spannenden Jahren in der englischen Hauptstadt, kehrt die Tiroler Musikerin nun nach Österreich zurück und erzählt ihre Songs und Geschichten aus ihrer Wahlheimat Wien. Natürlich puristische Arrangements laden ein in eine märchenhafte Welt voll von zerbrechlichen Klängen, phantastischen Bildern und phantasievollen Texten, die bezaubern, manchmal bedrücken, oft überraschen, und auf jeden Fall zum Nachdenken anregen.

"Claudia Heidegger - die Virtuosin der leisen Töne"
- ORF Tirol am Beat, 2014

"die süßen Klänge eines mittelalterlichen Märchens"
- BBC introducing, Fresh On The Net, 2013

"wunderbar schlicht, und doch atemberaubend emotionsgeladen"
- Green Man Music Review, 2012

(English Version)
After having spent a good few years in London, honing her skills and developing her sound, Austrian singer songwriter Claudia Heidegger has returned to her home country to sing her heart out tell her tales. With simplistic arrangements, fragile sounds, and the sweetness of medieval fairytales her angelic voice will captivate your heart and open your mind to layers of meaning and imagination.

Questioning traditional concepts of religion, church and spirituality, Claudia’s most recent project is telling stories about love and dreams, fears and hopes, sins and sinners, preachers and prayers, but most of all - about a life worth living.

"The Other Side" and "Tell Me A Story" are now available for purchase and download from all major platforms.


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JACK ROOTS (UK) aus Cornwall, England

Jack Roots, geboren in Cornwall, ist ein Musiker aus den Tiefen Südenglands. Im Februar 2015 veröffentlichte er seine erste EP mit dem einfachen Titel "Jack Roots" und ging damit auf Tour, nachdem er ein Jahr zuvor auf das europäische Festland zog. Er vereint seine Punkrock-Wurzeln mit den Vorzügen einfacher Folkmusik und verstärkt das Ganze mit seiner kräftigen Stimme und dem Einsatz von gefühlvollem Gesang, die an den richtigen Stellen sein Songwriting und die energiegeladene Liveshow perfekt untermalen. Im Moment arbeitet Roots an seinem zweiten Album, welches Ende 2016 erscheinen wird.

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Jack Roots is a Cornish born musician from the mysterious depths of southern England. In February 2015 he released his first self-titled EP and simultaneously kicked off his touring ambitions; having moved to mainland Europe a year prior. He blends his Punk Rock roots with singer-songwriter delicacies, reinforced by a powerful and occasional soft voice which lends itself to the ardent investment in both his song writing and live performance. Currently he is recording his second record which will be released in the latter half of 2016.



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Born in 1986 in Vienna, Chris Discovered his love for Music very early. At the age of 15 he formed his first Band "Fade" with his fellow Classmates. With 16 Chris formed the purley acoustic Duo Warehouse with a good Friend, playing Live gigs at various open mic nights. After a Hiatus from Music Chris started writing Songs again in 2010. His unique Voice and soft guitar riffs give his Music a very special touch, and with his lyrics he sings stories to his audience, about love, life, and the dreams that each one of us have.



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